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Trading (wholesale)

We offer a comprehensive range of alternative energy products available for both wholesale purchase and through our dealership network, catering to businesses and individual consumers alike.

Trading (Dealership)

At Alternative Energy Power, our dealership service is designed to meet the diverse needs of individual and commercial clients seeking reliable alternative energy products.

Free Consultancy

Our experts provide no-cost consultations to help you understand your energy needs and identify the best sustainable energy solutions tailored for your home or business.

EPC Services

We handle the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction aspects of solar projects, ensuring a seamless transition to renewable energy from start to finish.

Net Metering

Alternative Energy Power offers comprehensive net metering solutions, enabling residential and commercial customers to connect their renewable energy systems.

Facilitation in Bank Financing

We assist customers in securing financing for their energy solutions through partnerships with financial institutions, making sustainable investments more accessible.

After sales services

Our commitment extends beyond installation. We offer comprehensive after-sales support to ensure your systems operate smoothly and efficiently.

Replacement Warranties

We provide timely replacement services for all our products to ensure continuous and efficient energy supply.

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