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Leading Solar Energy Company in Pakistan

AE Power was established in 2012 with a mission to power Pakistan through alternate energy solutions. With an extensive experience of 350 MW of sales and over 1000+ installations across Pakistan; we work relentlessly to deliver sustainable, innovative and cost effective with the best industry practices at competitive prices. We work with team of architects, engineers and electricians to provide our customers highly engineered turnkey solar energy solutions from kW to MW scale projects.

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Solar Energy Solutions


On-Grid Solar Solution

This system is connected with the utility grid and allow load sharing by solar energy and grid. This system may not produce 100% of electricity demand and works to supplement the utility grid to power the load.


Hybrid Solar Solution

This system is quite sophisticated and is fully programmable, which provides a combination of all the energy sources available solar, Grid and battery connected independently to power essential load.


Off-Grid Solar Solution

Off-Grid systems has only the solar energy to power the essential load. These systems are recommended at the places where direct use of electricity without any grid and battery is required.

What We Offer

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AE Power is dealing all of its products in the best wholesale prices from the rest of the market as we are directly importing products from the main companies.


AE power has a huge number of dealers all over the Pakistan. We are dealing both with advance and in stock booking as per the dealer’s requirement.

Net Metering

AE Power empowers it’s clients with the latest billing technology that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the national grid.

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